We are Melanated American fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, truth seekers, healers, leaders, innovators, and cultivators. We are aligned with the customs and beliefs practiced by our indigenous ancestors. We represent hope, freedom, and peace. We are not a movement. We are a lifestyle. Movements come and go. Lifestyles are forever. 


The importance of SOVEREIGN CREED was brought into fruition due to the endless generational suffering of Melanated Americans and the lack of content that accurately depicts our contributions to indigenous history and culture.


By consistently delivering the truth and commemorating the unsung heroes of MELANIN RICH indigenous history, we inform and foster critical thinking by sparking a conversation. Through that conversation we plant sovereign seeds which restore our values, habits, and traditions which will ultimately result in the resurgence of our people.


Branded for the Indigenous Aboriginal American Family; our ideal supporter has a passion for the truth, wisdom, and understanding. We fully recognize who we are as the descendants of Ancient Americans. We are not deceived by the fallacies of Western World Influenced History and Society. Supporters of Sovereign Creed appreciate our plight in returning Melanated Americans to our indigenous roots.